The making of La fabbrica delle nuvole

la-fabbrica-delle-nuvole“La fabbrica delle nuvole” contains 9 tunes and only a few of them have been performed live with English lyrics in the last years concerts. As the lyrics by Roberto Roversi came along during the first recording sessions we decided to modify structures, sounds and arrangements of the songs to adapt them to the new contents in order to get fluidity. It hasn’t been easy and definitely it took us the necessary time to get everything balanced and homogeneus. Anyway we think that the final result pays back for the delay and the efforts we put out because it gave rise to somethimg extremely new in the progressive rock scenario where lyrics are often subordinated to music. Every song is a story on its own, but as a whole they all reveal what Roversi had perfectly cought in our intent to begin a journey between positive thoughts and a strong hope for the future. The first song “Un ciclone sul Pacifico” fully expresses such a desire for a change when inability to communicate turns into the words of the future. In fact, as words become protagonist, even the way to sing and play has to adjust to a new rigor where vocal flourish and embellishments find little place to the benefit of intensity. Unlike the ’75 album, all instrumental and vocal parts have been performed by the band with no participation of external musicaians. All recordings and mixing were done in our digital studio and the final mastering was perfected by our good friend Nicolò Fragile at Hit Factory studios. This is the way “La fabbrica delle nuvole” was born, an album that in a way continues our musical  tradition and on the other hand takes a new direction where progressive  and poetry wrap one another in an inseperable embrace.

Our thanks go to:

Antonio Bagnoli for his friendship, his kindness, his dedication and most of all for having gifted us Roberto’s lyrics.

Nicolò Fragile for the mastering and the precious advices.